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Investing in Peak Performers

Developing the great leaders of your company is a significant investment.

Your company's executives need to be at the top of their game - mentally, physically, professionally, personally. Investing in their wellness should be a "no brainer": through The Florida Hospital Executive Health Program, your organization can invest in the wellcare of your top executives by providing the benefit of a comprehensive executive health assessment. Each assessment comes with a unique health improvement action plan customized to your executives - their path to pinnacle performance, for themselves, for your organization.

“Fabulous experience. Very organized. Was easy to get scheduled.”
Jennifer Gutman, SVP Operations, Darden

Participating companies report

  • 45% fewer sick days
  • 30% fewer health claims
  • Lower Turnover

The Leading Executive Health Assessment Program in the U.S.

We provide a world class executive assessment experience that includes educating and empowering our clients to make lifestyle changes that will prevent disease and improve their overall performance. With three complimentary follow-up appointments each year to ensure your executives stay on track and reach their goals, we are able to accurately track the progress of the companies we serve and can show significant improvements in the overall health of their teams.

As you seek to create a strong culture of wellness among your leadership teams, we’re confident that The Florida Hospital Executive Health Program can meet your needs through an array of customized packages and service levels.

The Florida Hospital Executive Health Program is a trusted partner with some of the largest and most prestigious companies in Florida, including: The Walt Disney Company, Tupperware®, Darden Restaurants Inc., the Orlando Magic, McDonald’s® and Universal® Orlando Resort. We also service other Fortune 500 companies such as PepsiCo and Wal-Mart.

“As always this is a great experience and a great opportunity for me to get a health report a friendly, relaxed, professional environment.”
George Gross, Fortune 500 Executive

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Providing the benefit of a comprehensive executive health assessment is the best investment you can make in retaining and developing the great leaders of your company. When they perform at their best, so does your organization.